Tips for Airbrush Tattoos / Fake Tattoos with Senjo-Color FX INKs

Tattoo color too thick?

Especially in summer, alcohol colours no longer work properly.
Also the Senjo Tattoo colors quickly lose their alcohol content at high temperatures and are then difficult to spray.
Dilution with isopropanol 99
do not use inferior alcohol!

The airbrush spits?

If the colors become too thick due to the high temperatures, they must be diluted with 99 ISOPROPANOL.
Sometimes the paint pulls threads.
Condensation from the hose can also cause the airbrush to spit.
Dilution with isopropanol 99
do not use inferior alcohol!
Install additional water filters. This helps against condensing water in the hose.

The airbrush stencils are glued?

The Airbush stencils and tools get a sticky surface? That is quite normal.
Airbrush with Senjo-Color Toolcleaner(or ISO 99) also clean in between
Stencils with powdering. Then they no longer stick in the packaging.

My tattoo sticks?

1. Apply paint as thin as possible and as thick as necessary.
Black is, for example, a realistic mix of black, green, blue and should not be applied so thickly that it looks deep black!
2. The paint sticks after application. That is quite normal. Therefore, it must be powdered well.
Original Senjo powder. Apply the powder thickly and use your finger or powder brush
work well into the paint layer. Remove excess powder after a few seconds.
After showering, sleeping, etc., simply powder again. This ensures the longest durability.

Adhesive stencils made by yourself

It is always difficult for beginners to spray in such a way that the paint does not run under the stencil edges and also
no edges are fluttering through the airflow.
In order to save expensive disposable adhesive templates, you can also use the plastic and metal stencils with special spray adhesive
to glue.

How long do airbrush tattoos last on the skin?

In terms of colour we can say: trouble-free 2-7 days. But then human skin comes into play. And it’s different for every human being. With oily, sweaty skin, it doesn’t hold up as well. With dry, clean skin best and longest. Placed on the upper arm after a sweaty night at 30 degrees, it is also not as beautiful as just above the ankle. In any case, careful showering and then powdering again will help.

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