The topic of airbrush stencils occupies a special position with us. For more than 20 years we have been producing and selling stencils and give tips and material for airbrush stencils to make ourselves.

Facepainting Stencil Application

1. What do I use Airbrush stencils for?
2. What types of stencils are there?
3. Make airbrush stencils yourself
4. What colors do I use for the stencils?
5. How and how do I apply the colors?

Examples of use in the video:

What do I use airbrush stencils for?

The stencils are a tool that should make painting with brush and airbrush easier.
Simply select predetermined sizes and motifs, place them in the desired place, apply paint – done.

From eyebrow contour to airbrush tattoos, from patterns in bodypainting to complete facepainting, the range of applications ranges here.

What types of stencils are there?

We offer you a lot of stencils from different manufacturers as aids. Polyester is used as a stencil material. This is stable and easy to clean.
Basically, we have two types of stencils in our sights:

Motif stencils and contour or pattern templates

Motif templates are e.g. airbrush tattoos, facepainting stencils and body type stencils.
With their help, you can apply a predetermined, complete motif.

Contour and pattern templates leave us even more freedom.
We create a contour for the eyebrows in the beauty makeup, or for a robotic arm the contours of the “steel plates” in bodypainting.
With pattern templates we paint certain areas and get structures and patterns on skin and hair.

Airbrush stencil make yourself

If you want to make your own stencils yourself, you need the right stencil material and the right tools in addition to the motif idea.

Here a cutting mat and a cutter will help you. The cutting mat forms the basis for your stencil workstation.

You can print the motif of your choice on paper, or draw and stick it on the cutting mat with tape. Now stick the matching stencil foil, such as Mylar, or Senjo stencil foil over it and voila, the set is set.

Now you can follow the conurs with the cutter, or the electric stencil burner, and finish!

Airbrush stencils themselves cutting material

Cutting mats, cutters and stencil foils can be found in our category | Airbrush Tattoo Accessories |

What colors do I use for the airbrush stencil?

The colors you use with stencils depend on the subject and the substrate.
For the hair you can use color hairspray, for example. The colors are alcohol-based and dry very quickly.
For the airbrush tattoos, it’s best to take alcohol-based tattoo paints (e.g. Senjo-Color INK) as they last longer.

For children’s parties you can also take water colors, such as Senjo-Color Basic for it. They take longer to dry than the alcohol paints, but are safer for the children as they are cosmetic colors.

With bodypainting, you can use all body colors. Here the following applies: Water colours dry more slowly than alcohol paints. Please be careful. Otherwise, the freshly applied motifs could be blurred!

How and how do I apply the colors?

I can basically use airbrush, brush, or paint spray for application.
Depending on the size of the motif and the intended use, I choose the appropriate color and start.

Tattoo – Airbrush or Stud Brush
Bodypainting – Airbrush or Stud Brush
Hair Tattoo – Airbrush or Colorspray
Facepainting – Airbrush or Brush
Beauty MakeUp – Airbrush, Make-up Brush or Sponge

In principle, the paint must not be too liquid and must not be sprayed or pinned in the direction of the stencil edges.
Here there is a danger that the paint will run under the edges and smear our motif!

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