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Stencil Sheets

Stencil material - foils and cutters

For cutting airbrush stencils. The films can be used with cutter, stencilburner, or laser.


Airbrush stencils just do it yourself

You want to implement your own ideas? Cut your own individual stencil motifs?
Then you have come to the right place. We offer you from DIN A4 single sheets, but also whole 100 packs.


Print the desired motif high-contrast, place stencil film on top and fix with adhesive tape.
Cut out with a cutter or scalpel and finish.

Aids, like glass plate, or cutting mat help you to do this.

You can even print some foils directly with the laser printer. You can find more information in the product description.


buy stencil film in larger quantities

You want to buy the polytester films in larger quantities?

We have DIN A4 and DIN A3 in different thicknesses on stock.

For bulk customers we also offer larger quantities and individual dimensions as sheets or rolls.

We can also help you with the production of your own motifs on request.


Individual templates

We are happy to create individual stencils according to customer requirements.
From fingernails to wall tattoos.