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Artool Stencils

Arttool Airbrush Stencil Templates

The stencil assortment from Artool™ at Theatermakeup.de.  Freehand™ Templates are suitable for ingenious effects. 

The solvent resistant and flexible stencils are available in many editions and are imported from the USA.


Airbrush stencils from Artool™ Freehand™ are a real enrichment for every airbrush artist.

They are easy to bend and can therefore also be used on curved surfaces.

Discover the possibilities. Be creative and use the contours of the Freehand™ airbrush templates to develop your own motifs.

Turn and turn the Freehand™ airbrush templates to find the right shape that best fits your motif.

For soft edges you can slightly lift the stencil to create a soft edge when spraying.