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Airbrush stencils

You wish to create hundreds of tattoos, paint cars or transform a whole opera choir with creepy face paintings? With our stencils, you will achieve your goal!

Airbrush stencils for body painting, hair art & tattoos plus materials to create your own stencils.
Created from thin but durable material, they are an indispensable aid for working quickly.
| Hints for stencil utilisation |

We also take requests to create individualized stencils. From toenail art to wall tattoos

Stencils are indispensable when you need to work quickly. Even elaborate, complicated and detailed designs are created in a few short moments.

Of course this requires some practice. Depending on the surface, be it paper, cars or the human body, we are dealing with curves, bulges, fibrous / hairy etc. surfaces.

And this is how you can make it work. Here a few tips on how to use an airbrush gun:

First, try a simple design on paper. Place the stencil on top and spray the colour from the edge inwards in thin layers. Apply as often as needed until the desired opacity has been achieved. Sometimes less is more. Only when removing the stencil will you realize the real contrast between the covered surface and your design.

The paint should be applied as dry as possible to avoid it running underneath the stencil edge.

For cleaning, you can use the same solvents as for the paints. So, water colours should be solvable with water, and alcohol based colours with alcohol. For stubborn cases with water-based paints you can also try out the Senjo-Color Toolcleaner. If nothing else works, try acetone. We mainly sell polyester stencils (pls. check product description), so this should work just fine.

In our workshop, we use a stainless steel tray and a soft bristle brush to clean our stencils. Immerse the stencil in the solvent until slightly covered, soak for a bit and then move the brush in circular motions over the stencil. In case of serious stains, we will let the stencil soak overnight. This almost guarantees a very easy stain removal.