Senjo-Color BASIC Bodypainting Color 5x 75ml Set in Case


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Senjo-Color Basic Bodypaint Set 5x75ml black-white-blue-yellow-red. Senjo-Color Basic is a water-soluble, high-yield and ultra-pigmented bodypainting paint for brushes and airbrushes.

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Senjo-Color BASIC Bodypainting Color 5x75ml Set

Delivery in a high-quality plastic case

Senjo-Color Basic is a water-soluble, high-yield and ultra-pigmented bodypainting paint for brushes and airbrushes.
From 0.6 bar and nozzles from 0.15mm, the Senjo BASIC can be sprayed evenly flat or finely lined.

For a long time we searched in vain for colors that have these characteristics. Then we gathered together the experience we and our customers have gained over the last 15 years and developed a product that meets the highest professional standards.

Senjo-Color Basic Bodypainting color is also very good for face and bodypainting with the brush.
Fixing spray can be used for fixation. Senjo Basic is easy to wash off with water and soap.

Are you looking for the perfect bodypainting color? Then the body color Senjo-Color Basic is made for you.

Bodypainting paint for brush and airbrush

You will get a high-quality colour here, which is ideally suited for Brush or airbrush to conjure up extraordinary works of art on the body. No matter if elaborate embellishments, floral patterns or geometric shapes – with the Senjo-Color Basic Bodypainting color, there are no limits to your creativity. Thanks to the cosmetic formulation of the color, Senjo-Color Basic can also be applied to the face without any problems. With this bodypainting color you can create your colorful uniques without hesitation.

All facts about the bodypainting color Senjo-Color Basic at a glance

Special features:

  • Liquid, water soluble and very productive
  • Suitable for brushes and airbrush
  • Recommended for beginners and professionals
  • High pigmentation and easy transparency
  • Well mixed with each other
  • Silky matte surface
  • For complete body primer as well as
  • suitable for fine details on the face with brush or airbrush
  • The colors can be easily removed with water and soap
  • Made in Germany

High pigmentation – easy transparency – easy to wash off

With the purchase of the bodypainting color Senjo-Color Basic you can look forward to a product that is characterized by an enormous pigmentation and colour intensity. Of course, thanks to its slight transparency, the colour is also ideally suited as a mixed colour. So you can strengthen the Basic shades to your heart’s content Stir in mixed tones. Models love the pleasant feeling on the skin and the subtle smell of body color. If the artwork is to be washed off again, this is quite convenient with Water and soap possible.

Senjo-Color BASIC Airbrush Tip

With the airbrush you can quicklyprime the whole body evenly and also spray finedetails.

For thelarge areas, it is best to use an airbrush with a large colour cup and a nozzle size from about 0.5 – 0.8mm.

For thefine details you can use between about 0.6 – 0.8 bar nozzles from 0.2 – 0.4mm. 

The compressor should supply air from about 8-16 liters/min. For the large pistols from about 32 liters/min. You can simply clean the airbrush with water. For final cleaning, or dried paint, we provide you with the Senjo-Color Toolcleaner on an alcohol basis.

Buy Senjo-Color BASIC as Airbrush Make Up?

Due to the fine pigmentation and production of the paints according to the strict guidelines of the Cosmetics Ordinance, you can also use the BASIC as a Use Airbrush Make Up.  For example, if you take the sand hue, mix it with the thinner and yellow/red tones, you conjure up silky blush tones, shades and highlights in your Face.

Choose a shade now!

Want to buy the Senjo-Color Basic color? Then choose your favorite shades. From rich black to timeless classic colorful tones to specials like the dreamlike Caribbean blue – here are certainly the right colors for you. Once compiled, you can create your impressive artworks at any time with this bodypainting color.

Note on consumption

How much color do you really need? We recommend that you use a sleek, 1.75m large person with the airbrush about 70-100ml.  With the sponge you need a lot more and you should 100-150ml.  Please always plan for some security. Depending on the actual skin surface and the desired coverage, this can of course vary.

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