Movie Blood Special Universal IEW 100ml for Theater and Halloween

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Very realistic blood. Light/dark red slowly flowing and slow drying, external and usable in the mouth. For film and theatre

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Movie Blood Special Universal IEW 100ml

very realistic, light/dark red slowly flowing and slow drying

Application: External, and in the mouth,
Easily washable from many fabrics. But please test beforehand!

This artificial blood can, for example, create a very realistic blood effect with the brush and/or pipette placed on the nose or ear.
Also very suitable for the production of blood cushions and for filling wounds.

This blood is the most common in make-up, preferably because of its many properties, proven in practice: it flows slowly, is completely removable from the skin and from almost all tissues by simple laundry, in our washing attempts even made of white, pure silk. However, since textiles are equipped and woven differently, it is necessary to test the washability before application.

Special universal blood does not dry or only very heavy and can therefore be smeared well, as is natural with fresh wounds. You can use it not only for external effects, but also on and in the mouth. Mucous membranes do not irritate them, nor does it irritate the eyes when they are occasionally hit by small splashes. However, since the pigments are foreign bodies for the eye, remnants of the blood must be thoroughly rinsed with a lot of water, which is possible without any problems due to the slight water solubility of the blood base.

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