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Supracolor Foundation 30ml

Supracolor Grease Paint a make-up for stage and show, for painting and carnival.

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Kryolan Supracolor Foundation 30ml

Supracolor is a versatile product which is widely used for theather, film & TV and perfect for carnival make-up. This paint is particularly characterised by its excellent opacity, its excellent skin compatibility and the variety of colors available.


Application of Supracolor Grease Make-Ups

Supracolor is applied with sponges or make-up brushes. For this purpose a small amount is dissolved in the pressure lid can and absorbed by the make-up sponge. The fat make-up can then be applied with dabs and wipes.
With a fluffy brush you can also absorb a touch and apply a shade almost invisibly. Painting details is possible with fine brush tips. 


Fixing Supracolor

After the application Supracolor grease make-up must be fixed with transparent powder. Powder puffs and powder brushes are ideal for this. It is generously applied, lightly worked into the upper layers of paint and then "dusted off" again. Finally the white veil can be removed with a damp sponge/cloth.
A touch of fixing spray can further increase the strength.

Shades and highlights with Supracolor 
Supracolor fat make-up is used for classic make-up and also for colored effects and shades. One of its special properties is its creamy consistency. 
This makes particularly soft shades and highlights possible.


Removal of make-up / removal of Supracolor

For gentle removal, make-up wipes and oil, or make-up remover are used as a cream.

Kryolan Supracolor Video

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