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Make up
Face- and Bodypainting

Face- & Bodypainting Colors

Professional face and body painting colors. Make Up for the body.
Skin friendly and strong in color.

It depends on the right colors. When painting face and body, the motifs are applied to the skin with a brush and / or airbrush. Classically, one uses solid colors from the tin for sponge and brush, or liquid colors for airbrush application.

Increasingly, the liquid Bodypaintingfarben are used for a quick application of paint with the brush. There is a wide selection of shades available.

The classic grease make-up is still very popular, especially in the theater area. Here you can, for example, instead of powder, apply glitter to the sticky paint surface and get a great glittering effect.

The liquid Senjo Color are suitable for airbrush and brush.

As a highlight, we offer glitter sprays and effect colors, such as luminous colors and tattoo inks. They complete the offer and give us an infinite choice of ways to implement our creative painting ideas.

Katalog Senjo-Color