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Dermacolor Camouflage MakeUp

The Dermacolor Camouflage Cream is an especially highly pigmented make-up which is designed to correct skin disfigurements or discolorations whether they are of accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital origin. Dermacolor Camouflage System is especially effective in minimizing post surgical conditions - either aesthetic or medical. Its effectiveness and quality are proven in intensive and long-term use under clinical supervision.


The DERMACOLOR CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM is specialist makeup that was developed to cover up skin colour anomalies, scars and tattoos.

KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR camouflage meets the requirements that dermatologists, cosmetics specialists and patients have, and provides reliable and professional coverage for any problem areas.

Camouflage is often the only way to relieve the psychological pressure that comes from skin anomalies and it gives patients self-confidence and a sense of having their normal life back.

DERMACOLOR camouflage is waterproof, heat-resistant, and it protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It lasts up to 36 hours even under extreme conditions such as for example swimming, hot weather and physical exertion. If at all possible, a trained cosmetics specialist should advise you when you use KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR camouflage for the first time.

You can also learn to use camouflage makeup yourself.