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Make Up Artist

Skin Adhesives

Here you can buy classic mastic, special glue for rubber parts, hair pieces, latex applications and glue remover.

While mastic used to be the only skin glue for hair, beards, wigs, etc., today we have quite a few more skin adhesives available.
The range extends from classic mastic skin glue, to water-soluble hydro-mastic and water-soluble acrylic special glue, to medical silicone adhesives. Adhesive tapes and strips have become indispensable in the everyday life of skin adhesives.

Since you can quickly lose track of this, we also like to help with the selection of the right adhesive.

At least as important are the remover / adhesive dissolvers. Each adhesive has its own adhesive properties and also its own solvent. If you pay attention, the cleaning of the tools, or the skin, will be much easier. Your actors will also thank you.

Adhesives for the skin are generally not a cosmetic product. Rather, they are an aid for special requirements. The skin adhesives we offer have been tried and tested thousands of times, thus minimizing the risk of skin irritation.
Since, especially with regular use, the skin is faced with a major challenge, the right adhesive should be chosen wisely. Also, no freshly shaved skin should be associated with adhesive.

The adhesive should only remain on the skin as long as necessary. To remove, please use the correct adhesive solution and after a gentle, thorough cleansing, nourish and relax the skin with a suitable skin cream and a light massage.