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Kryolan Berlin makes makeup. For more than 70 years and now already in the third generation.
We have been a sales partner of Kryolan for over 20 years and get the goods fresh from production.

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Kryolan Products

The Kryolan product range ranges from stage make-up to classic beauty make-up and camouflage make-up to SFX Special Effect Makeup. The products have been available in specialist shops all over the world for decades and have become indispensable in the world of theatres.

Selection of popular Kryolan products

Kryolan History

For more than 60 Kryolan has been a manufacturer of professional make-up for theater, film and television worldwide.

The company has also been involved in the beauty sector for many years. With an area of 5000m2, the headquarters in the north of Berlin has been a point of contact for make-up and make-up artist since 1971.

Since its humble beginnings, the site has been continuously expanded and further developed. More than 240 employees in Berlin and Zehlendorf as well as the international locations in Poland, England, USA, India and Bangladeshare committed to the Kryolan Professional Make-up and strive every day to meet all customer requirements.

Today, Kryolan Professional serves make-up customers in more than 70 countries on all continents of the world and is a recognized brand for professional make-up artists. The name Kryolan and the associated trademarks stand for professional competence, high product quality, exceptional diversity, professionalism, flexibility and tradition. In our own laboratories at the company headquarters in Berlin, qualified chemists are continuously working on the development of new products, as well as on the application possibilities of innovative, skin-care raw materials.

With the experience of more than 6 decades, Kryolan Professional Make-up understands in particular the needs and problems of professional make-up artist of theatre, film, television and beauty. The Kryolan brand stands for international professional make-up worldwide. More than 16,000 different products in 750 different shades are available to users. The availability of products is of great importance for the professional make-up artist. Kryolan Products are available worldwide.

How does professional make-up differ from everyday decorative cosmetics? Professional make-up products are required to meet a whole range of requirements, such as stage or camera-friendly colours, good durability of the performer Especially good skin compatibility and colour continuity over the years. Good colour intensity, international applicability and high product safety, which must be met in the best possible way. Theatre make-up should make the performer appear credible in the respective role under stage lighting.

In close cooperation with make-up artist, Kryolan produces an extensive range of colours that meet this requirement. These colours often seem atypical to the layman, but under the stage light they give the theatre-goer the corresponding illusion. Cameras recognize colors differently from the human eye. This requires a series of skin tonesadapted to this technique. The adhesiveness of the make-up is very important for the make-up artist. The make-up during a shooting day must be kept to the absolute minimum, because it delays the shooting. An actor literally wears his skin to market. An appearance without make-up is almost inconceivable for him.

The compatibility of the product used must therefore be guaranteed. Kryolan has always set very high quality standards. All raw materials used not only comply with the purity regulations for cosmetics,but, wherever available, we use pharmaceutical and food qualities. The excellent tolerability has been proven bywilling dermatological clinic tests before the market launch of the respective product. A highlight of the range is also the Dermacolor Camouflage System. The strong covering make-up for skin anomalies, tattoos, etc.

In the more than 60 Kryolan has never conducted animal experiments. The desired colour continuity over years is not always easy to achieve. The colour pigments obtained from Germany, France, England and the USA show some differences in intensities which may lead to colour variations of the final product. In addition, European and American legislative adjustments have replaced tried-and-tested colours with new ones. As a result, countless recipes had to be reworded and not in all cases the re-encoding of the desired nuance always succeeds fully satisfactorily.

Kryolan is aware of this problem for the make-up artist. In order to better ensure the continuity of colours, a technique rarely used for cosmetics was installed in the Kryolanlaboratory. Many skin tones are now controlled with the help of a photospectrometer,also known as a color meter,and the measurement results are evaluated by means of a software that is matched to them.

Theatre make-up is generally expected to have a good opacitywithout having to apply the product too thickly. Kryolan meets these requirements by a high proportion of particularly finely ground pigments.

In addition to 9 rolling mills and 2 powder mills, the technology of micronization is available for production. Unfortunately, the legislation regulating the use of raw materials varies from country to country.

Kryolan Ultrafoundation series has developed a global product line that the make-up artist can easily use worldwide. High product safety means the quality guarantee of the products.

Kryolan has also earned an internationally recognized reputation and we are aware of the trust that our customers place in us.
With new product and sales ideas, the team wants to further strengthen the Kryolan brand and underline the demands of the leading product line for professional make-up artist worldwide.

The international orientation of the company will increase in importance even further.

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As a sales partner with 20 years Kryolan product experience, we see our task in passing on the proven Kryolanquality with product sales, consulting and training.

Arnold Langer, founder of Kryolan GmbH

A great role model for us Kryolan founder Arnold Langer. In our business partnership that has lasted more than 20 years,lighting has always inspired us in his eyes and inspired us to come up with new ideas. More than 70 years ago, he put his visions of professional theatre makeup into practice and built a remarkable family business out of NOTHING after the Second World War. With infinite perseverance and an inexhaustible belief in himself, he brought the company to the top of the rankings of professional makeup manufacturers.

In 2018, he left us and gave his legacy of inspiration to us. Kryolan GmbH is now run by son Wolfram Langer and his grandchildren, Sebastian Langer and Dominik Langer.

We look forward to a long time together with Kryolan and will never forget Arnold Langer.