You want to make up for Halloween?

Happy Halloween

Halloween Make Up

Discover professional Halloween make-up from children’s make-up to a special effect. The trend has been unstoppable for years. Inspired by numerous movies and Youtube videos, more and more people are looking for the right material for successful transformations.

Zombie Make-up with Artificial Blood & Co.

The effect is as simple as it is ingenious: with artificial blood you can make vampires and zombies like a pro in no time. Surely you will be the scary hero of your Halloween party. So let yourself be enchanted by bloody special effects and now develop your best ideas for the zombie time of the year!

Halloween Pumpkin Makeup

Halloween pumpkin makeup is simply popular. For small parties as well as for clubs and theatres. For quick implementation, we have put together templates and colours for you.

Halloween masks stick and make up

If the creepy painting of Halloween masks isn’t enough, take 3D MakeUp effects. Mask parts made of latex are glued directly to the face and then made up. With matching costume and wig you will be irresistibly creepy!

Cropped finger modeled with Senjo Color FX wax

Creepy application example with Senjo Color Wound Effect Wax

Wound effect wax + zombie blood are the basis for this mega effect. With some professional make-up you then make the whole thing round.

Halloween Contact Lenses

Masks, makeup and costumes are awesome. To further optimize your face, you can score with the matching colored contact lenses. The palette ranges from the blind effect to black to the bright fire red. We have made a suitable selection for you.

Who, What and When is Halloween?

Halloween / Haloween / Hallowe’en is a very old Irish custom celebrated on the eve of All Saints’ Day. Every year on the 31st of October, the Celts moved to the last night of October, which is often marked by fog.
Irish expats once brought the festival to America, where it was their wedding in the 1990s. Since then, it has also returned more and more to its European roots and is now very diverse.
Carved pumpkins were erected a long time ago and lit with candles. They should deter evil spirits and drive them away from their homes.

If you’re on Halloween night, make up and transform yourself into ghost, zombie, fairy, skeleton, witch, bat or vampire to keep the ghosts out of the way.

Sweet, otherwise there are sours

A very popular custom among children is to move from house to house to get sweets from the adults. With sayings like “trick or treat” and “sweet, otherwise there are sours” the whole ritual Halloween magic is given.