Equipment for make-up artists and visagists

With the right equipment, your stage project will succeed in the simplest way!
Make-up chairs, mask mirrors, workshop supplies for make-up artists.

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Equipmant & Tools for Make-up Artists

Optimized for easy transport, great effect on stage. Mask mirrors and director’s chairs are among the racers here and are ideal for easy transport in cars. The mask mirror in the aluminium case comes with a daily list and is very robust in construction. The director’s chair is a high version, which we ourselves like to use as a make-up chair at events.

With the right branding, mirrors and director’s chairs are brand ambassadors for trade fairs and shows. Supplemented by LED show light this is a round thing for a lasting good impression outside of workshop and studio.

Practical utensils for all occasions
Manifold and useful individual components are what make the difference in theatre or film. Only if the suitable equipment is available on the set, everything can be realized optimally and without time delay. The same applies of course to make-up artists and make-up artists, who are responsible for ensuring that the actors look convincing according to their roles. With the appropriate equipment, this can be done effortlessly.

different equipment for different requirements
From the simple, tried and tested cutter to the functional and comfortable director’s chair, you can find all the accessories you need here. This means that you always have everything at hand at your workplace and can work flexibly and safely. Professionalism can only be realized if all components are coordinated with each other.

Our equipment meets these demands in theatre and film. This makes all scenes even better. Our equipment is not only robust and robustly designed, but can also be transported anywhere without any problems due to its low dead weight.

Additional equipment makes work easier
Sensory working materials complement the other work processes on the set and in the theatre. This will make your preparations work optimally and coordinated. You will find in our assortment of Senjo-Color comfortable make-up chairs made of beech wood as well as practical brush bags or make-up cases. And of course also the matching Mauke Up.

But also protective cotton gloves complete our product range. Furthermore you get effect light for the big and small stage. This allows you to create enchanting show effects as well as providing optimal lighting conditions.

You can choose between the individual colours with regard to many accessories. The number and size can also be easily selected with a mouse click. This way you get exactly the utensils you need for your purposes.

Compile the right equipment for you from our range and order it right here in our online shop!

Rental equipment
Do you need a mask mirror, control chairs, or airbrush technique for your event? You don’t want to buy it for that? Then we’ll be happy to rent it to you! This saves you investment and maintenance.