Camouflage Make Up

Camouflage Make Up for your soul

Tattoos, scars, pimples disappear? Strong covering make-up for tattoos and skin defects. From concealer to professional range. In the online shop of we offer you advice, products and service.

Camouflage Make Up
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Full coverage makeup for tattoos and skin irregularities. Soft. Invisible.
Cover sticks and a wide range of other products.

Rene Koch described it in one of his books as makeup for the soul. The products are diverse and can be used for a wide range of different purposes. You can cover up tattoos, superficial veins, larger and smaller marks caused by pigment disorders, scars etc.

Berlin manufacturer Kryolan, for example, has been famous for this kind of product for decades. The Dermacolor range covers everything.
Skin anomalies, tattoos or a five o’clock shadow – all can be easily covered. This range of products meets every possible requirement.
There are even products like Artex Silikon for example, to smooth out uneven areas. This means that you can fill in even deep scars and then use make up to cover them completely.

If you want to cover tattoos with an airbrush, for example, then Temptu DURA airbrush makeup is ideal.

We will also be glad to put you in touch with makeup artists who can help yo with makeup and hairdressing for weddings. They can easily cover up any tattoos that don’t match with the wedding dress.

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