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Illusion Magazine 30

Edition Summer 2015 - Interviews with artists and models, Step by Step-instructions, Act- and Eventreportages, report from the scenes and a lot of colorful motive ideas.

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Illusion Magazine Edition Summer 2015

Illusion issue 30! Summer 2015. This will be the last printed version of Illusion Magazine! order today!
Cover artist Nick Wolfe! Welcome to issue 30!

This issue is all about dreaming big. Dreaming beyond our wildest imaginings is what got Illusion started in the first place. Ten years ago we would have laughed at the suggestion that we would one day be in charge of the world’s most successful face and body painting magazine – and yet look at us now – here we are at issue 30!

So to celebrate this milestone moment we’ve packed this issue with innovative artists from around the world who will all inspire you to dream big too.

Take a look at:
· Charlie Short. Despite this fabulous artist’s shy nature, Charlie has got a well-deserved 1.4 million YouTube fans. His incredible self-transformations range from freakishly scary to elegantly stunning. Get to know him better in our feature article and we guarantee you will be getting online to learn more.

· Jörg Düsterwald. Want some inspiration for working with businesses? The supremely talented Jörg and his amazing photographer show you how it’s done with their latest project that combines body art with promoting a wide variety of companies. One look at their images and you will be buzzing with ideas.   

· Anna Czajak. Unbelievably this artist started face painting less than two years ago. Her recent entries to Illusion’s face painting competitions show her obvious talent. We love that she’s finding that the competitions are making her more confident and motivated to create original art. This is an artist on the rise!      

· And then we’ve got a riot of colour from Cameron Garrett, one stroke tips from Denise Cold and techniques for planning your designs from Wendy Fantasia. There are the loveliest Little People from Jennifer Parker and a whole lot of bling from Sophia Leadill Taylor.

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