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Reading literature for the daily work as Bodypainter, makeup artist, airbrush artist

Our literature on theater make-up offers useful knowledge for everyday life, but also a lot of inspiration for creative work. In a craft-creative job like the make-up artist, it is important to have in-depth knowledge and to expand it. Our selected literature is just right for this. We offer you a variety of books and magazines that deal with the basics of this work to special techniques with virtually everything that your profession gives. So it will always be easy for you to research new topics or to discover the most exciting trends for your work.

High-quality literature from experts around body painting and airbrushing

The literature in our assortment we put together with great care for you. We have chosen only works that we believe will really help you. All books and magazines from our field of literature come from real professionals around the everyday life of the make-up artist. So you're learning from real experts who have a lot of experience and can teach you all techniques well. Thus, these works are a good complement to training and everyday work.

A great variety that will help you

There is something for everyone in our literary collection. Discover basics that revolve around the right theatrical make-up and key moves. So you get sound knowledge that you will be a sound basis for every step in your professional life. You want to know more about a particular technique or expand your repertoire? In addition to the basic books, we also have literature in the range, which deals with special topics. So you will learn everything about airbrush, latex masks, about imaginative make-up, creepy make-up and much more. Order the right literature for your further education and stay up to date on all trends and techniques!