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AirAirbrush compressors 

Airbrush compressors are the compressed air suppliers for airbrushers, make-up artists, make-up artists. For workshop, studio and mobile use. Since there are a large number of devices of different brands, we have put together an overview of the most important features for hobbyists and professionals.

The selection on the market is huge. The price differences too.
What do I really need?

Still uncertain? - We also like to advise you on the phone: +49 30 44041001

First, A) time and B) air quantity are to be considered.

A) How long do I want to work in one go with the airbrush compressor and how often?
Hobbyairbrusher as well as airbrush professionals, who only once a month for 10 minutes an airbrush want to operate, have similar claims.

Hobbyairbrusher and airbrush professionals who use almost daily and over more than 30 minutes an airbrush are probably no different from each other.

B) How much air does my pistol need? How much pressure and what amount?
In order not to confuse you here with too much technical confusion, I restrict myself to the essentials.
Large guns with large nozzles provide more air than airbrushes with small nozzles.
So for a make-up with a small pistol, even a small compressor is enough. If I want to spray with two pistols at the same time, or if I want to prime the body painting with a big pistol, I need a lot of air.

Another important principle: If I occasionally need a little air, I can not go wrong with a low-cost entry-level model.
As a serious Hobyairbrusher I need, just like the professional, a reliable device for continuous use.

Hobby devices only hold a small part of the time compared to a professional device. Cooling breaks of 30min and more often have to be planned for hobby equipment.


A question that we like to ask at the customer meeting: Do you want to drive with your airbrush compressor with a clear conscience to a job in the desert? If not, what is cheap enough. If so, you should invest accordingly.

I hope we were able to bring some light into the darkness of the compressor forest.
Whether make-up artist and mask workshop, make-up artist, model builder or hobby painter. We have a large selection and over 20 years of experience for you.
We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you in courses.


Still uncertain? - We also like to advise you on the phone or e-mail:

phone: +49 30 44041001

e-mail: info@theatermakeup.de