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Airbrush Colani 0,4mm

Airbrush Colani 0,4mm

RRP: 229.99 €


Airbrush Colani 0.8mm

Airbrush Colani 0.8mm

RRP: 234.75 €


Airbrush Colani

The airbrush Colani from Harder and Steenbeck has an unusual design and remarkably good handling to offer.
It lies well in the hand and prevents fatigue during long painting.


The versatility of the airbrush Colani 

It is thanks to the long experience of the German manufacturer "Harder & Steenbeck" that the Colani is so versatile. They offer multiple nozzle sizes and cups.

The grip has even been given extensions to provide the same comfort for both large and small hands.


All parts can be changed in a flash and are made of high-quality material. Nozzles made of silver, needles made of stainless steel and the bodies optionally nickel-plated or chrome-plated.


We also attach great importance to service. If there should be problems with the Colani, we repair and exchange the spare parts also on site in Berlin.