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Airbrush INFINITY Solo 0,15mm

High-End-Airbrush for professional Fine Art Applications with nozzle 0,15mm

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Harder & Steenbeck
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Airbrush INFINITY Solo

Intelligent and elegant: the new Infinity Airbrush series

High-end airbrushes for professional fine art applications

She immediately recognizes her elegant red-gold-silver design: the Infinity. The new paint spraying unit not only sets new standards in terms of design, but above all offers intelligent functional possibilities and high levels of comfort: the Quickfix enables even more precise color quantity regulation with the help of an engraved scale of values. With a comfortable recessed grip and a notched edge, it is also easy to grip with wet or paint-smeared hands.

The open handle of the Infinity opens up a clear view of the spring adjustment screw. With it, the lever resistance can be individually varied. The open needle cap provides permanent control over the needle tip and spray pattern. Two pins protect the needle tip from damage. The needle cap is easily removable without screwing. This makes it even easier to work on the painting surface and makes it easier to clean the device.

Infinity solo

Nozzle set 0.15 mm
Color cup 2 ml
Quick fix end with scale
Apparatus in exclusive case

The Infinity comes standard with a 0.15 mm self-centering plug-in nozzle and is therefore designed specifically for the Fine Art application. In addition, the model is offered in two variants:

Infinity Solo (Item No. 126533) with a 0.15 mm nozzle set and 2 ml beaker, including plug-in nipple for hose connection.
(this article)

Optionally available as:
Infinity Two in One (Item No. 126543) with complete equipment for fine and flat work, with two 0.15 mm and 0.4 mm nozzle sets and two 2 ml and 5 ml beakers.

Available accessories:

Nozzle sets 0.15 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm
Distance Cap
fpc valve (air regulation)
Color cup of metal 2 ml and 5 ml
Plastic paint cup 50 ml, with lid
Lid for gravity cup 5 ml
Lid for gravity cup 2 ml
Side connection set with 2 glass jars 15 ml
hose connection
Speckle cap
Nozzle cleaning set (nozzle cleaning needle and brush)
Screwdriver for mounting the needle seal
Exclusive apparatus holder in different variants
You can find the complete list of all spare parts with the corresponding article numbers under spare parts.

Lieferumfang Infinity solo (Art.-Nr. 126533):

- Düsensatz 0,15 mm
- Farbbecher 2 ml
- Quick Fix-Endstück mit Skala
- Apparat im exklusiven Etui
- Hergestellt in Deutschland

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Video Airbrush INFINITY Cleaning

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> fine line nozzle set 0.15 mm
> color cup with lid 2 ml
> nickel-plated
> PTFE seals
> Quick Fix end piece with dial

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