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Airbrush Evolution Two in One Gravity Feed

Gravity Feed Airbrush Cup 2+5ml, Nozzle 0.2+0.4mm

Base Price:
154.99 € / 1 kit
1 kit
Harder & Steenbeck
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Airbrush Evolution Two in One

Evolution - Design, Function and Technology of Tomorrow!
A universally applicable airbrush device with double-action function!
The Evolution sets standards in terms of workmanship and functionality for this millennium!
innovative lever mechanism
self-centering sockets
easy to use
all Evolution parts (such as cups, nozzle sets, etc.) are compatible with each other
future-oriented construction
brilliant spray pattern
excellent value for money


Nozzle set 0.2 and 0.4mm
Color cups 2 and 5ml
Apparatus in exclusive case

Available accessories:
Nozzle sets 0.15 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm
Speckle cap fPc valve (air regulation)
End piece with needle stop screw (color quantity limitation)
End piece with Quick-Fix (color quantity limitation with memory function)
Color cup made of metal 2 ml, 5 ml and 15 ml color cup made of plastic 50 ml,
with cover Lid for flow and plug-in cup 5 ml,
Metal lid for gravity cup 2 ml side connection set with 2 glass cups 15 ml
hose connection
Nozzle cleaning set (nozzle cleaning needle and brush)
Screwdriver for mounting the needle seal
Exclusive apparatus holder in different variants

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

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> nozzle sets 0.2 mm & 0.4 mm
> color cups 2 ml & 5 ml
> nickel-plated
> silver
> PTFE seals

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