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Airbrush Compressor AC-500

Powerful, small airbrush compressor for professionals especially for professionals with several pistols, or larger models.

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Airbrush Compressor AC-500

Especially for professionals with multiple guns, or larger models, we recommend the AC-500 compressor.
It is an oil-free mid-range piston diaphragm compressor. The automatic turns on the compressor when air is needed. Since the compressor contains no oil, the transport in bags and suitcases when traveling is also unproblematic. The carrying handle guarantees secure transport and good handling.

The compressor of the brand Sparmax brings enough air for 3 airbrushes to 0.4mm nozzle, or an airbrush for large areas, such as the T10HS.
Thanks to its pressure tank, it has sufficient reserves and can sometimes tolerate "more". For a short time, the air supply can also be used for mobile use without a power cable. (Depending on air consumption about 1min for repair work on the set)

Application compressor AC-500
MakeUp, Nail Art, Tattoos, Modeling, Body painting

1x fabric hose (2 X 1/8 "IG), pressure reducer, pressure gauge, water separator and with quick coupling 2,7mm for free!

Technical specifications
220V 1.35A 8bar, 23-32l / min 7.8kg, 40dB
Also available without pressure tank

Optional accessories:
- Quick coupling with fine pressure regulator
- 2m PVC hose clear with 2x 1/8 "screw connection
  (suitable for Japanese airbrushes, evolution, etc.)
- 2m PVC hose clear with quick release coupling 2,7mm
  (suitable for all airbrushes with nipple 2,7mm)


Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

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Specifications Airbrush compressor AC-500

Delivery time 2-3 working days
Manufacturer Dingh Wha - Taiwan, brand Sparmax
Color Black / Silver
Working pressure ~ 5 bar
Additional equipment pressure tank 2.5 liters
Liters per minute ~ 32 liters
Special features Through the tank can be worked with up to three Airbrushes 0.4mm at the same time (Makeup). suitable for continuous use (24 hours)


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